Authorised and Certified Training Partner

The IBM Career Education for Business Transformation (CEBT) program focuses on the major areas of business transformation where software plays a critical role. It is an instructor led program designed by IT professionals, for students and faculty members in business schools to accelerate skills and knowledge in relevant high end software concepts & tools to ramp up business growth and succeed in this dynamic industry. The Program brings together the latest software content, real-world industry experiences, hands on lab course, best practices and case studies all into a single unique education program.
The Career Education Program of IBM helps students and faculty in higher education gain all the relevant skills, experiential learning and makes them adept with latest technology and tools. Through the Career Education Program, IBM collaborates with various Universities and academic institutions (referred to as “college” in this document for ease of reading) in India and South Asia to setup (co-branded, in collaboration with colleges) Labs on various capability areas using IBM Software to make sure the students and faculty members have best of the industry skills.