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Looking for an IBM Career Education Program Association with us?

Looking for an IBM Career Education ?

We connect and collaborate with college/University who aspire to align their course curriculum with IBM recommended curriculum program for Engineering Colleges, degree, post degree and B-School coursework which includes technical and courses specific to Engineering, Finance, Marketing, HR, Digital Marketing, business administration, Statistics and economics, Business and Finance These all curriculum are designed by industry and IBM career programs after extensive research and is revalidated every year with new industry insights.

The engagement program has various modalities and models whether its value-added program or an year by year curriculum mapping with IBM recommended papers in instructor led or online platforms. It integrates and binds the course content to industry desired needs and relevant to early career in those disciplines.

Looking for an IBM Career Education Program Association with us?

To increase agility, innovation and flexibility to colleges and universities in designing the curricula with us, we study the course curriculum and syllabus and bring in required curriculum over and above the academic course program as an additional edge to complement the required core. All jointly designed course outlines allow faculty to organize topics in a variety of different ways by expanding or changing content areas to include.

We work with university and institution team to perform a review of the program to determine the feasibility of the course mapping of the university’s degree program fully aligned with the IBM CE guidelines. This review includes:

  • Reviewing the college /University degree program syllabus
  • Identifying the course mapping gaps and reviewing course descriptions and elective courses.
  • Understanding the discipline, industry requirement, intake and context within which courses are offered
  • Assessing how the course/program is delivered and review its credit system, and accreditation within the college or university.

Interested in aligning your program?

If you are a VC or a Chairman or a Director / Dean or a faculty member of the Institution interested in a potential association and engagement about aligning a bachelor's or master's degree or trying to launch a specialized program in the area of Business Analytics, Business Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence, Digital Marketing, HR Analytics, Marketing Analytics, Predictive Modelling etc with our curriculum guidelines, please e-mail the academic Initiatives at