In the present scenario of today's competitive environment, all organizations strive to keep themselves with the competition by migrating to new technologies & offering a quality training to their human capital in order to meet changing technological demands of customer to improve their operational efficiencies.
We addresses the process & people needs trained with the best-in-class technologies coupled with customized approach to match customer’s organization's goals. These service offerings can help customer to improve upon their ROI of your technology investment.

The technology space is changing fast and the only challenge is getting a skilled resource for the human capital managers, in order to meet their SLA internally and with their customers. This not only aim at the growing needs of qualified skilful resource but a more collaborative effort from authorized training partners as well to support the industry, educational institution, Corporates, community at large.
We aim to explore the human capital talent and help them with the technological programs and training so that gap of demand and supply of the industry can be bridged to a significant extent.

Our training offerings are grouped into – Retail and Corporate connect programs

Retail Connect

The whole idea of Retail connect is to connect with the common educated mass and guiding them through a proper counselling on variety of short term training as well as job and career oriented programs which can help them to to place themselves in a better environment and job.

Basis market intelligence and new trends in market, we have grouped few trainings into modular way and few into job oriented programs with various tenure so that the retail audience can make a conscious choice of training course and technology of their own choice.

Corporate Connect

We connect with the MNC’s, corporate entities and government organizations for various training, staffing and consulting services.

We aim to explore the human capital talent with various innovative programs to help the corporate with our various custom designed new trend innovative technological training programs so that gap of demand and supply of the industry can be bridged to a significant extent.
We connect with the MNC’s, corporate entities and government organizations for various training, staffing and consulting services. We collaborate with the customer to understand their business goals, current resource and skilled force capabilities to design the strategic road map which can help them with a pool of technologically skilled workforce to take care of their engagements within the available budget so that the customer can proceed with confidence that your desired outcomes are achievable – before any significant investment is made.

Institution Connect

The whole objective of education connect program is to connect with various educational institution and understand the budding talent growing need in training them in areas which can improve their chance of getting jobs in various companies and their career sets in.

The IBM Career Education for Business Transformation (CEBT) program focuses on the major areas of business transformation where software plays a critical role. It is an instructor led program designed by IT professionals, for students and faculty members in business schools to accelerate skills and knowledge in relevant high end software concepts & tools to ramp up business growth and succeed in this dynamic industry. The Program brings together the latest software content, real-world industry experiences, hands on lab course, best practices and case studies all into a single unique education program.

The Career Education Program of IBM helps students and faculty in higher education gain all the relevant skills, experiential learning and makes them adept with latest technology and tools. This program brings together the latest software content, real-world industry experience, hands-on lab courses and best practices, to a single unique education platform. Through the Career Education Program, IBM collaborates with various Universities and academic institutions /college in India and South Asia to setup (co-branded, in collaboration with colleges) Labs on various capability areas using IBM Software to make sure the students and faculty members have best of the industry skills. These labs offer opportunities to institutions like:

Employability Training Quotient

  • At BKV India, we have been successfully partnering with various Educational institutions of repute to help bridge the gap between employment and employability. This collaboration has brought the overall skill and employability status of the institution & colleges to a competitive level and making the students “desired” by employers. The brand visibility of the students and colleges moved them from one level to another with the modular courses in “Next Generation” technologies coupled with curriculum of the institution. We have created internship programs, live projects & modular courses from IBM with various universities and institutions. We invite all college, Institution and university campuses to write back to us and share their knowledge, and hosted "live projects" to enhance students' skills. Our Learning & Development team in India has even developed a campus connect program initiative which aims at employment of the skill developed in various corporates and with other employers. Which has picked up very well due to the intent of the program. To know more on various course, click here

Campus 2 Corporate

Hiring and training go hand in hand and we believe that in every learning, training and upgradation has hiring reasons underneath. The demand of skill in industry and the expectation out of it is different from what prevails at academia level and with the employability program in place,

We also believe that the quality of training and learning should be such that it meets the industry need and employers and recruiter’s requirement.

We have strong relationship with a blue chips companies in India who have hiring need all the years and within the skillsets which form part of our training offerings. The companies are from IT, Health , BFSI and consulting industry and all we intend to provide career and placement assistance. We expect our quality of training and learning will make the students/aspirant become professional having edge in he competition to place themselves in various MNC’s

To know more on various course, click here