We broadly provide the following Services


In the present scenario of today's competitive environment, whether its organizations who sit at the demand side and strive to keep themselves with the competition by migrating to new technologies and innovating solutions or its educational institution who are the supplier to the demand look for creating the industry talent pool by continuously upgrading the talent base with various benchmark programs to bridge the gap of industry and academia so that human capital timeline to industry matches the demand when they are join industry.

We step in as to address the gap and provide benchmark certified learning, training and certification above their academic studies in various technology and emerging areas with the best-in-class technologies coupled with customized approach which can make them ready for industry

We broadly provide the following Services

We step in as a education integrator and facilitator and the whole idea and objective of education Institutional Program is to collaborate and create an engagement with the institution to jointly work on various curriculum and develop product for them and bind the curriculum with the program benefit with a industry standard courseware, access to software, training delivery, course completion recognition with a certificate and globally recognized award. This not only creates a knowledge pool with the institution but also creates the growing talent improve their employability and career prospect with industry collaborated courses.

BKV is a an IBM CE and Business Partner, India aims and focuses on the major areas of business transformation where software plays a critical role. It is an instructor led program designed by IT professionals, for students and faculty members in Engineering and B-Schools to accelerate skills and knowledge in relevant high end software concepts & tools to ramp up business growth and succeed in this dynamic industry. The Program brings together the latest software content, real-world industry experiences, hands on lab course, best practices and case studies all into a single unique education program.

Through the Career Education Program, IBM collaborates with various Universities and academic institutions /college in India and South Asia to setup (co-branded, in collaboration with colleges) Labs on various capability areas

Online Learning Program

The whole idea of Online Program is to connect from ANYWHERE making learning easy for the common educated mass and guiding them through a proper counselling on variety of learning which are more employable skills and can upgrade his career and employment opportunities. This broadly targets audience:

  • Engineering & Non-Engineering Graduates
  • Degree graduates
  • Pass Outs
  • Working IT Professionals
  • B-School graduates

Career driven Customized Program

Basis market intelligence and new trends in market, we have grouped few learnings into a customizable capsules under various program and which are both short term and long run but not more than 12 months and are job driven programs and not guaranteed, for those skills which have greater demands in industry however it’s the aspirants who is finally going to perform in the final show so the retail audience can make a conscious choice of learning and enrolling in the course by their own choice.